Planning a trip? Need the loads? StaffTraveler is there to help you!

by United Stripes
27th February 2016
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Who of you has sat looking at the screen of MyIDtravel and wondered what those smiley faces were for? Or posted a request on Facebook, praying someone from that airline would come by and help you?

Gone are the days of unreliable, estimated load information! With the new startup StaffTraveler, you will get the exact loads, from the people at the airlines that you wish to staff travel on.


How does it work?

1. You post requests for the flights from AMS to BKK on the airlines you can staff travel on, on the dates you want to know the availability of

2. People at the airlines of the flights that you have selected get a notification that you would like to know the availability on a few of their flights

3. They answer your requests with actual load information

4. You receive a notification with the updated loads


It’s easy, reliable and free! Try it out next time you are planning a trip!

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