Flight Attendants: how do you like your new high tech glasses?

by United Stripes
7th October 2014
Google Glass

Aviation company Honeywell Aerospace envisions Google Glass to substitute current on-board display technologies for flight attendants. With the Glass, attendants will be able to view cabin information without running to the nearest display screen.

Airline companies, especially commercial lines, are always looking for ways to stand-out in the market. Many are turning to technology to claim the upper hand but what Honeywell is doing differentiates itself from just handing out smartphones or tablets to their crew.

The Glass will allow flight crew to view information about the cabin such as window shade position and if the temperature is optimal in both the cabin and cockpit area. Aside from this, the eyewear will also display the estimated time of arrival and information about each of the private flight’s passengers. While conventional monitors can do this, the Google Glass allows discreet access to information that will in turn mean more attention is given to passengers.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 7.59.08 PM.jpg

The Google Glass, through voice commands that start with a polite “Ok glass,” could also control several aspects of the cabin such as air conditioning, lighting and raising window shades. The Glass essentially allows quick executions of cabin tasks hands-free.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 7.59.42 PM.jpg

The Glass may also be used by the passenger. From displaying flight menu items to controlling on-board amenities, the Google Glass becomes an all-in-one digital remote control with an ever-present information display.


Google Glass for the flight crew is being made available only for private or business flights since these markets are quicker on the uptake of air cabin innovation. It is compatible with Honeywell’s proprietary cabin management and control system “Ovation Select”.

Honeywell also considers the possibility for the technology to extend its use with pilots, ground crew and mechanics, not only on private but also on commercial flights.

Integrating the Google Glass to Honeywell’s current system is a priority. “The app is not yet ready for commercial use but using consumer devices to enhance the flight experience is something we will continue to research”, says Justin Dye, product manager of cabin management at Honeywell Aerospace.

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